As a commercial lawyer, I have supported hundreds of non-US clients in the same way as they started operations in the United States.

LLC is the best business for you as a nonresident resident. Once LLC is established, you can do business in the US and open a US bank account.

✔ ILC gives you access to open a US bank account

✔ Easy payment from US customers

✔ ILC gives you personal responsibility for your business

Global Business Package Service includes everything you need to start a business in the United States.

Registered Agent Service – Protects privacy and maintains perfect work order by providing highly reliable Registered Agent service that accepts legal documents on your behalf and instantly notifies all received documents . Safe online dashboard to keep LLC organized and compatible.
LLC Company Registration – LLC personally separates the project cost from your personal expenses to protect you and possess valuable property from potential lawsuits and to minimize taxes. If you do not set up LLC, your personal property (home, car, personal bank account, investment, etc) will be in danger if your business suits. LLC will access US bank accounts to facilitate accepting payments from US customers.
The ON-ON application is a tax identification number required to satisfy the requirements of IRS’s company, opening a commercial bank account, tax deposit, employee hiring, business credit card application, business license application. All US banks need an EIN to open a bank account.
Write Custom Operation Contract – Required Agreement, you must obtain protection of personal responsibility to justify your company’s ownership, rights, and responsibilities. In order to prove that you own legitimate LLC and properly operate the business, you need an operation contract. Custom contracts will fit your specific business.
Tips for making bank decisions and establishing a bank account in the United States – Once the EIN account is opened, explain the next important step and open a US bank account to accept your payment. Bank settlement is a document that can open a US bank account instead of LLC.
BONUS: LLC Next step guide – the information necessary to take the correct steps after registering your LLC. Because there are no important government documents, thousands of LLCs are fined or suspended each year. In this case, the owner of LLC may lose protection of limited liability. To avoid fines or cessation, I will inform you of important form and deadline to maintain your LLC.
BONUS: Security attached to your business knowledge is created correctly according to federal and national requirements of the United States. A business lawyer will help you and answer your question. ).
Sam Mollaei Business Lawyer

My service is also backed by a refund guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with my service for any reason, please let me know within 30 days. I will refund the service fee in full.

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