Every year in the United States I write the annual column of the best trend of the business column to start the year. In recent years, the top 5 was kept constant, there was a problem that it was neither mobile nor social media nor technology.

That was data security.

Data security

Yes, the questions are very big and the stakes are very high. According to security magazine, “It is estimated that 60% of pirated small and medium enterprises will go bankrupt after 6 months”

Looking at this last statistic, remember two things: 1) that all security breaches are not necessarily related to cybercrime, 2) that you can do a lot to protect privacy Put it down please. Small business violation. Most data breaches have the following causes:

Hacking / malware
Credit / debit card fraud
Bad employee
I lost paper documents
Missing or lost mobile device
Random disclosure by someone in the company.
If you are aware of these root causes, you can avoid the problem. The top 10 ways to protect your business from security vulnerabilities are as follows.

1. Please check all new employees. It is important not only to obtain at least two references from previous employers but also to provide both references, but it is also advisable to review the criminal history of all employees.

2. Physically protect paper and laptop. Protect important physical documents. Remember that bad employees are one of the major causes of security vulnerabilities. Also, protect all laptops and tablets provided by the company with a password and keep them in a safe place when not in use.

3. Shred old documents. Also note that discarded paper or stolen paper is one of the main causes of security breaches. Inappropriate disposal of physical documents is a major cause of ID theft and credit card fraud.

4. Use a secure wireless connection. Please check on the front panel that the wireless network is password protected. Without this simple security level, it will be a simple target.

5. Update the software. It is an easy way to keep it protected. Many SMEs ignore software updates and make them vulnerable to worst security attacks such as ransomware. Anti-virus software is mandatory, and Windows 10 has many built-in security protocols.

Please download from reliable sources. One of the best ways of a malicious person is to download infected software from a malicious site. Pay close attention to the place to download.

7. Use strong passwords or change passwords on a regular basis. You know it, but are you? Change password may be boring, but is one of the best things that you can actually do to protect your business.

8. Use secure connections to send and receive important financial information. E-commerce and other important financial transactions must be run on websites that use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).

9. Create a privacy policy. Make sure everyone in your organization understands the importance of strong security and specific protocols.

The tenth fuse. In the worst case, you will be very happy if you have a recent remote backup of the system and data.

Although the risk of security breach is realistic, a lot of things are needed for prevention. Keep in mind that preventing security problems is far less costly than setting security problems.

Another important thing you can do to protect against data breaches is proper insurance. For example, Allstate’s friends have major cyber security products called Cyber ​​One.

Cyber ​​One protects companies from damage to electronic data and computer systems by viruses and other computer attacks. This coverage also helps protect third party’s responsibility due to system security errors. In addition, Cyber ​​One Protection will pay for data recovery, data recovery, system restoration, public relations, business disruption. This is a kind of protection that small and sophisticated business will undergo. For details, please contact Allstate agency.

In short, data security is at the top of the list and you need to pay attention to it. By taking the necessary precautions and acquiring coverage like Cyber ​​One, we significantly reduce the fatal risk of business interruption due to security breach.

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