Safety and productivity was the name of the game for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Boston’s recent Accelerate your Business event.

This post is written by Peter Pizzi (Microsoft’s Windows Commercial Lead).

On April 5, a group of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs Microsoft and Intel gathered in Boston for the latest Accelerate Your Business event.

This global series of business meetings aims to provide attendees with insight into the latest technology trends, marketing expertise and management innovation necessary to grow the business.

Participants talked about Bill Taylor’s co-founder, Fast Company ‘s book “Simply Brilliant: How big companies do exactly what is important in a special way”. In his session, Bill focused on examples of companies that stand out from competition beyond customer experience.

Speed ​​up business

My favorite quotation from Bill’s speech (he provided an impressive zero foil) was as follows: “Big entrepreneurs are not interested in other entrepreneurs in their field, Or just doing something you do not want to do!

Carole Marks (author, columnist) administers expert panel by representatives of Carbonite and NeuroMetrix and learned how to grow business through clever marketing. Several common pitfalls and suggestions to ensure safe and productive workforce.

Microsoft partners Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Connection answer the questions and introduce the latest Windows 10 Pro devices. Participants developed their own business with new ideas and made networking opportunities with new contacts!

Look at this short video and see the highlights of the business acceleration event in Boston.

After that, we will speed up your business in Minneapolis, so please have a useful morning on May 10 with inspiration with us.

Meeting other small business owners and entrepreneurs, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, a wonderful speaker including prominent writers of “How is the 21st century made and not managed, without your permission” There is an opportunity to listen to the voice of.

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