How can I receive business consulting directly from the founders of Global Entrepreneurship Week and StartUp America? Well, you can.

Economist Evangelist of Economist Carl Schramm writes a mythical invasion guide filled with tools and techniques to help bring your big idea to the ground.

Carl believes that the entrepreneurial spirit is completely distorted by the media, accounting books, university programs, MBA courses. He believes that the recognition of what is necessary to start a business no longer reflects the reality. That is bad news for everyone as it prevents big ideas from surviving.

Baan The Business Plan highlights the myth of a cool 20-year-old entrepreneur who has lost venture capital and is not burning. It shows that most people who start business juggle their careers and mortgages like you.

Burning a business plan is written to encourage you to begin. It will elucidate the entrepreneurial process of television programs like Dragons Den. It is not based on an overvalued technology startup story and most of the linear journey from cold start to success does not depend on the wrong story. This is the essence of business planning. It is taught at the university. This is a guide for starting and running the business that actually works for the rest of us.

Burning a business plan is for ordinary people who need specific concrete advice to start and execute a successful business. It shows you how to avoid common mistakes and what you should do to fulfill your business on the way to success.

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