Western Europe and the United States seem to be very similar culturally. However, there are some important points that you can make business breakers with Americans. If you are planning with Americans or are already doing business, there are ten tips for communication.

the first
The result is important in the United States. If you are doing business or applying for a new job, do not forget to sell yourself and your service. Modesty does not give you a new business grade or job.

2. The United States is an individualism culture, not a group culture. Therefore, heroes are often adored in American culture. Look at the cult status of Apple or Mark Zuckerberg ‘s Steve Jobs on Facebook. Compare it with a more collective culture like Japan. How many people can become a famous Japanese CEO?

3. In contrast to Germany and China, the United States is a short-term culture. In other words, since the outcome of this year will exceed 10 years, the short-term strategy is more important than the long-term review.

4. Overall, Americans are more direct than British, but more indirect than Dutch. This has to do with the word “time is money”. After all, it is a result oriented country.

5. In the consensus culture like the Netherlands, emphasis is placed on the opinions of employees and should be given and heard. In many cases, American culture has an open discussion forum, but it is the boss who finally makes the decision and takes charge of the decision. So do not be surprised if you meet with an American boss and make a decision without consulting the rest of the team.

6. Unlike Scandinavian and Japanese culture, American culture is often unfamiliar with silence. So please let your American colleagues know what you think about what he says. If not, he may think you do not understand or you are against.

7. In American culture, generalists are more valuable than experts. A financial counterpart learned medieval English literature, but do not be surprised if you are currently led by an IT company. In the United States, results and experience are not very important, your background, age, and relationship are not important.

8. American culture is familiar with uncertainty. For example, the agenda of the meeting is the starting point for the discussion and does not have to be like any other country. Germany. The ease of this uncertainty means that flexibility and compatibility are evaluated for the constant change in the United States.

9. Because American working hours are usually longer than in Europe, breakfast at 7 am is as common as business lunch at 8 p.m. on the same day. Americans have a shorter vacation days than Europeans.

10. Americans say to you, “How do you do?”, “Thank you, are you?” Even if your dog just died and felt bad, Americans asked themselves “How is it?” That is just a greeting.

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