Many investors and companies are about to start operations in the US in order to broaden their horizons of products and services. Given the huge potentiality of brand improvement, business market and investment opportunities, making a base in the United States is certainly not a bad idea. But is it possible to build a base in the US? Yes, it is certainly possible to start an American business in India with little preparation, but guarantee Pune’s reputable accounting firm. So, what are these preparations?

First of all, if starting a business in the United States is somewhat similar to starting a business in other areas of Pune or India, understand that the goals and efforts to avoid mistakes are necessary It is important to do. It causes unnecessary complications. Well, let’s continue right away!

Type of business: Given most options, in the United States enterprises have been established to deal with three business situations.
The company will be based in the United States, but this project will be held in India.
The company is founded in the United States for marketing and brand building, the rest will be carried out in India.
The company is a subsidiary company of an Indian company, but it operates completely in the United States.
Foreign operations within the US in the above three situations are carried out by two companies, mainly C Corporation and Limited Liability Company. There are different tax calculation methods for business type selection, so you need to choose carefully. This is not a binding advice, but the first two chooses LLC and finally it is better to choose C Corporation to avoid tax complications.

Drawing organization items: With the help of a local accounting company, you can easily create organization documents for these two entity types
Company C: Constitution, Articles of Incorporation and appointment of directors and officers, general meeting of shareholders
LLC: It is very similar to Pune’s LLP training procedure, but training certificate, LLC contract, confidentiality agreement, option plan are necessary.
In addition, it is necessary to identify the name of the company, provide details of the registration agent to the status of the training, and submit details of individuals and companies involved in the customer’s business. You can also apply for an employer identification number and authentication certificate, if necessary. This is very important for establishing a bank account in the US business.

Establishment of a company: It is time to find a company after documents are drawn out. Countries such as Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, etc. have international trade laws and low tax rates. Therefore it makes sense to train your business in these states. If you want to do business in other states in the US after establishing your business in these states you can do it through a foreign credential process.
Post-Training: Even after starting your business there are still a few small procedures.
Set a physical address in the USA or set up a virtual office for communication
Open a US bank account to receive payment
That’s all! You are over! However, as a reputable company in Pune ‘s company registration, we have suggestions for you – let’s go to the registration agent to manage and carry out all these activities. Believe us, this will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you contact us, we will accompany you through a business trip in the US.

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