Most of us recognize Windows 10 and Office 365 and use it everyday.

But here it is here to tell Microsoft that there are more things.

It is packaged in Windows 10, packaged with other products, or provided as a standalone product, so we wait for the lock to be released at the store.

Recently, I visited Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and touring with a team of Small Business Ambassadors (I am one of them). I discovered that Microsoft is innovative everywhere. Here are ten kinds of very useful Microsoft products and features. If you do not notice, I recommend you to explore:

Office 365 team
Office 365 was developed as a powerful platform for business. The commercial version is better than ever, and you can:

You can access files anywhere online or offline.
Obtain monthly security updates,
We use a cloud version of Office application with many features.
One of the latest additions to Office 365, the team is a chat based workspace for team collaboration. However, not only in the discussion, it may be the center of the team workspace. Currently it is in preview mode and full availability is expected this year.

Search device
Did you know that there are about 10,000 hardware devices running Windows 10? Microsoft has its own Windows Phone and Surface tablet, and the company is also a partner of other manufacturers.

If you select all these options, how do you choose?

During my visit to Ambassador, I discovered the Device Finder. This is an online tool that helps you to select a hardware device based on specific needs rather than the problem or function you are trying to solve.

Everyone who uses personal vehicles for business knows how important it is to grasp the mileage. However, too often, travel and expenses are missed due to tax deductions due to poor bookkeeping.

There is an answer to that: MileIQ. This mobile tracking application of Office 365 creates a log of miles to run on your mobile phone. It will do it automatically – to no longer forget!

“MileIQ uses sensors from the latest mobile devices to capture, log and automatically calculate business miles,” according to Rajesh Jha, vice president of Outlook and Office 365 .

If customer’s appointment business is running, I love booking by Microsoft self-service planner.

By booking, you can set up, edit and cancel appointments with the company without having to call you on any device, online, mobile, and now on Facebook, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is customer service and operational efficiency?

David Smith, Vice President, Worldwide SMB, says Bot will help small businesses leverage technology solutions that bring real results.

Bots can be thought of as small automated agents that provide personalized help and customer service online or on mobile devices. Microsoft has a bot framework for SMEs and their developers to implement bots on Web sites and communication platforms such as Skype. There is also a directory of pre-designed bots that you can try.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Edition
I like the following about the product of Dynamics 365 called Business Edition.

Finance modules are currently available but are required to monitor further improvements since 2017. In the enterprise version, there is a built-in enterprise management tool as shown below and it is interesting to discover the new features provided by Business Edition next year.

Surface blackboard
Surface Pro 4, the latest Surface tablet, is described as “tablet that can replace laptop”. And I can testify.

I currently have Surface Pro 3. Surface has become my favorite travel equipment. Easy to carry and pass security checks at the airport so you can use the keyboard without getting out of the briefcase.

Surface studio
I admired the Surface Studio demo I received during the visit. The studio is a PC of the Extended Surface series for designers. It has a big screen, the thing that is beautiful is that you can “ink” (write / draw) by sliding the screen horizontally.

I mostly compare this with a computer controlled drawing board. You can not be an architect or an artist, but Surface Studio makes you creative.

Windows-PIN registration
On Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, PINs are more secure than passwords. Even if someone knows your PIN, you need to access that PIN. When you receive a PIN, your PIN can access not only that PIN but also the entire Microsoft Account.

Microsoft recently uses cyber security resources so that owners of small businesses can breathe more easily.

Windows Hello
Windows Hello introduces biometric security to connect to a Windows 10 device through a face, fingerprint, or iris to unlock the device. Now it’s comfortable! And surely.

Overall, 2017 is promised to be exciting when working with Microsoft for products and services. From security to self-service, robust business applications, SMEs have much to expect.

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