Do not spend more time on your business plan than actually tackling your business. The business plan is important and you should do it in time. But please be aware that business beliefs are far more successful than on paper.

I have taught dozens of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the beginning, so I understand. I saw some of them increased their business to profits of 6, 7, or 8 figures despite their initial thought seemed fragile on paper. I saw someone else fighting for years ago, but I could certainly see the idea on the paper.

A brief explanation here is that you are never realistic about writing paper business plans. Never. When you start selling and working with real people, things change. There is some confusion. But there are ways to exploit this mess and use it to build your empire that I present to you today.

Innovation is developing faster than before.
In the next 5 to 10 years, most existing work will be replaced by AI. For business owners, this means your business is cheaper and more reliable than ever. But that means your daily routine looks quite different from today. In addition, many of these techniques will lead to unexpected results. Problems that have not been experienced before (such as high unemployment rate) occur.

I will not say I am afraid of you. Indeed, I am very optimistic about the future, and you should do that. What I mean is that I can not afford to stand up to today’s business world. If your success idea is to find the next “hack” or “quick fix”, you are very disappointed. These hacks and quick fixes will be disabled as soon as they are displayed.

So, what you have to do is to be misled not by the delivery system but by the principle of wealth and success. Study the entrepreneurs and companies that you admire most and look for the principle that decided their choice.

Focus on principles, not fast hacks.
The most successful entrepreneurs on the planet are those who spent decades of effort to build the empire. This means that they have continued to grow the business at the time of uncertainty, loss, change. how?

It comes back to their professional beliefs which is another way to say principle. If the business belief is strong, you can quickly find out how to create a new solution when the old business management system fails. Let’s see Ray Dalio. He was elected one of the 100 richest in the world and wrote a book called Principles.

He is also the founder of the investment company Bridgewater Associates and has a fund called Pure Alpha Fund that has only been lost three times in the past two decades. Please remember that this includes the 2008 real estate crisis. This was the worst economic recession in recent history. When most people caused financial difficulties, Dario and others made the empire grow.

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